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Security Setup

Hacking SecurityIf you need to setup and ensure the security for your server, we have the solutions for you. With 5 years history of 100% non-hacked solutions, we can offer you our services and bring your server to a state-of-art security, without disturbing your activity.

We include in this package installing/updating patches and security and bug fixes, and of course the security of services like Apache, Bind, Qmail, Mysql/Pgsql, SSH, SSL, file system and so on. If you need a special security policy for your users or visitors, we can implement that too. In plus, we offer a remote security scan to ensure your servers can live on internet, without problems and without being hacked.

Is better to secure a server before a cyber-attack compared with the stress of a successful attack, where the losses of time and money can be greater than spending few minutes to secure your infrastructure. Are a lot of servers on the internet which are vulnerable. The legal effects and responsibility always big and is better to not ignore this important part of your server and services.

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