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Load Balancing Solution

If you have some site or other services which require load balancing and can't be hosted on a single server, we can setup one open-source balancing solution for you. Even if is a mail server, ftp or http server, we can balance the traffic and load on multiple servers and completely transparent for you and your visitors/users. In plus, your security is improved, because is a low probability that somebody will ever break your servers security and alter your data, after we balance them.
Load Balancing Solution
The price for this work is around 199$ / solution, up to 255 balanced servers. Any services which don't have dynamic data can be balanced in this price. For dynamic data, this price may increase, depends on service and solution. In plus you will have a safe fail-over solution included too, which means all servers will be monitored and if one server will crash or be offline, will be automatically removed from balancers list and added after he will be back online. For this we can implement not only a normal ping check, but even special server responses.

Our price:
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