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hacker RecoveryMy server was hacked, what to do?

In case you server had a security problem and was hacked, then we may have a solution for you. We are specialized in gathering the hacker traces on server and if is possible to bring you server back to normal. Of course, exists perfect hackings, where only the microscopic harddisk analysis will bring your data out. But in 90% of cases, hackers leave a lot of traces and signs, which can be identified and sometimes even to bring the hacker to justice to recover your money.

In case you have the server hacked and is still online, keep it online and call us asap. Stopping the server, or trying amateur-fixes and internet scripts can bring the server worse, specially if the hacker is still on your system and is watching you, or he deleted parts of your start-up scripts and files. We can remove rootkits and hackers and repair your system and server, and usual to bring the server back to normal, where does not require a re-installation and is full functional.

The price what we require is not big, compared with the amount of work. What we do a lot of times save company reputation or jobs. If you reached our site and you are in this situation, then for sure you need our services...

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